I was surprised to find that a single class with Aimée was far more effective than any of the expensive therapy I'd had. And while I've tried yoga with other teachers, I much prefer learning from Aimée because she incorporates mental and emotional (some would say spiritual) guidance into the physical that is deep yet extremely practical. There's no new-agey mumbo jumbo here. When she speaks to the whole class I feel like she's speaking directly to me. I'm constantly impressed by how well she understands the human condition. But there is, as with everyone, more than meets the eye. At first glance, Aimée seems like a near-perfect goddess one could aspire and fail to be. But then she humbly exposes her human flaws as a way of showing us how to improve upon our own. She helps assure us we are hardly alone in our struggles when we realize there is such a graceful and beneficent person as Aimée who doesn't have it any easier than the rest of us. That she makes the most of what she's given is inspiring and instructive. And then there's that amazing yoga body of hers... attend a class and you'll see what I mean.
Amy Wang
"The spirituality of Aimee's Kriya & Kundalini, combined with her physiological knowledge have helped heal my joint pain, energized my life force, and balanced me emotionally. Her stealth and serenity make her a stand out!"
Dean McAdams
"Aimee's Kundalini class is an extremely beneficial aspect of my life. As a result of my yoga practice, I am stronger, have more endurance, and am more centered. Following Aimee's recommendation, I recently began practicing stretch pose and breath of fire every morning. I now feel energized and ready to start my day. My career as an inner city school teacher is often stressful and emotionally draining. Additionally, my second career as a jewelry designer is physically taxing as it involves fine detail work that creates shoulder tension. Stretch pose helps me release physical and emotional stress and gives me the energy I need to be fully present in my busy day. Thanks Aimee for your wonderful classes and continued support!"
Christy Odonnell
On any given yoga session with Aimee, her unique blend of Kundalini breathing techniques, physical exercises, postures, Mudras, Mantras, blood cleansing and detox routines... all sprinkled with her personal music and abundant charisma, creates an overwhelming workout with an atmosphere of vital energy and euphoric celebration that is literally out of this world. There is magic in the room where Aimee performs her art- magic that creates strength and healing. This week had an experience that brought it home in a powerful way: I was battling some nasty cold or flu infection for three days and woke up Wednesday morning sick as a dog. That is when I discovered the therapeutic mystery of Aimee's yoga. I went in - my whole body in agony - my back was aching, my head was puffy, my chest conjested, and chills everywhere. Aimee gave us the usual merciless sweaty workout with love. I came out shaking from the effort and at the same time exhilirated and rejuvinated... somehow, my well being was restored. I can't explain it! It was as if the " breath of fire" burnt away the internal inflamation, and I was free and healthy again. It was just wonderful. The next morning I woke up as good as new. Thank you Aimée
Yaniv Dotan
"Aimee first encouraged me to practice yoga about a year ago. I have been attending her classes on a regular basis. Not only are her classes physically challenging and a great work out, they have helped me to live a more peaceful and balanced life. She teaches the importance of breathing and how each of the poses affects the body to promote health. And she does this in a beautiful, almost spiritual way that leaves me feeling more energized the rest of the day. At work, I have even incorporated Aimee's breathing techniques with my patients during procedures which has led to a reduced need for sedation and improved tolerance of the procedure."
Richard Sullivan, MD
When I found Aimée's Kundalini yoga class I found what I was looking for. Having taken many yoga classes throughout my life, I already had a sense of what I liked in a class and a teacher. I was in for a very pleasant surprise when I took my first class with Aimee. She provided something I could really connect to and also provided a way for me to connect with myself in a way that I never had. I have been practicing with her for over 2 years and during this time my life has continued to improve. It would be naive of me to not attribute much of this to Aimée. With classes full of people, chanting, sweating, encouragement, support and challenge, she has guided me on a journey to find my true self. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Aimée not only as a teacher but as a friend, and it is amazingly refreshing to know that these 2 people are the same. The genuine energy that she shares in class stays with her when she is off the mat. She is truly an inspiration! I feel that we are all on a quest to better ourselves and it seems as if Aimée has already arrived at her best self!
Trina Solomon
I have a deep respect for my Kundalini teacher Aimee. So when she suggested that her students attend her friend and teacher, Bill Stierle's communication class, I was intrigued. I didn't realize how little I really knew about communication until I met Bill Stierle. His class was life changing for me! Speaking from the heart seems very natural and innate. I thought i was already someone who consciously did just that. I was wrong! I thought that to honor my own needs I had to assert myself and demand what i needed. I now have the tools to speak from the heart while staying authentic and genuine. Asking for what I want doesn't mean I have to abandon who i really am or speak in a way that is forceful or demanding. I now can speak with love and kindness while still expressing what I need for me. It is a gift that will serve me for all of my years here as a living and feeling person. I can't wait for the next class with Bill and Aimee.
"When Aimee comes into the studio it is like she glides instead of walking. She is so serene and at peace and you cant help to want some of that feeling. But dont let that fool you to thinking that class will be a cakewalk . She will work you! Yet she does it with a great sense of humor and such a deep knowledge of so many topics. She is so in touch with today's practitioners and uses all her tools and personality in each class. She uses her humor and knowledge to teach and guide you while you push farther then you have ever before. In Kundalini Yoga You learn that none of this actually hurts you, it is just your brain telling you it is hard work and you may want to stop. But she keeps you pushing your limits and breaking down those barriers. Along the way she will also teach you about deep anatomical and posture knowledge, diet and nutrition, and spiritual information, chanting and meditation. Aimee's back round in music comes through in every class. You can see and feel the intelligence in her music choices and her voice as it relates to the topic or practice you are doing. You also get to learn a lot of history of yoga and chanting. Then best of all by the time class is done you feel all of this and you are so calm, clear and clean. After class she generously will stay and discuss most anything with you. Many times I have asked her to write down some great quote from her class that she tells us during a pose or meditation and she gladly hands it to me with a smile and who the saying is credited to."
Alby Silvera
Aimee I want to thank you for showing me the way to my true self and allowing me to experience for the first time pure love towards myself! Less than a year ago I turned to yoga to find inner peace and heal from major losses in my life which came all once, my mom passed away and I lost my job of ten years., most of what defined me was gone and I was left with emptiness, sadness and a blank question of what is my purpose in life now? In your class I have found so much peace and learned so much from your teachings, but without a doubt the most special and beautiful of all was this weeks class which emphasizes was on opening our hearts to love and light, it was during the meditation for a calm heart when I placed my hand over my heart that I felt it!! LOVE, love for myself pure and beautiful I can only compare it to holding a baby or my mother's hand. It was a beautiful moment of love that confirmed that I am on the right path of loving and honoring my true self and that all is perfect. Thank you Aimee for bringing me to this magic moment.
Sandra Martinez-Torres
"I have been waiting for the right time to send you this. So many things have started to change in my life since I started Kundalini. I was out of work for almost 2 years. I began to incorporate some of the movements we learned in class to my personal morning routine (Avatar grinds!) My life began to change instantly. Doing the prosperity meditation has brought me goodness beyond my wildest dreams. After being unemployed and isolated from my family, the guy I was dating, at the time, got violent. Walking away from that, I got stronger and stronger with my meditation. My family has come back around and are proud of me. I started freelancing at Technicolor a couple of months ago...and just this week I accepted a full time job Producing at a post house in Santa Monica! Writing this is making this a reality in my mind. I think I'm still dreaming! Thank you for reminding me to breathe. I miss you and your class. Kundalini has made it possible for me to be defined, truly Aimeeeezing!"
Venus DeMilo Thomas
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