Sunday, February 17th 3-5pm

Insomnia, Brain Fog, Cravings?

  • Understand the Sleep Cycle System & learn how to Maximize time spent in the most important and restorative cycle- The Deep Sleep Cycle
  • Improve your Sleep Quality with the help of Proven Sleep Strategies including Self-Hypnosis
  • Experience your ability to Shift these Deep Patterns in the Hypno-Sound Bath. You will arise feeling as relaxed and energized, as if from a great night's sleep. Move towards the New Normal of waking up feeling Satisfied and Rested!

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Aimee Donahue is a Lifestyle Transformation Specialist, High Performance Mindset Coach, Spiritual Leader & Guide. A Certified Hypnotist and Yoga Therapist (LMU),  she regularly teaches Kundalini Yoga & Meditation in group, private and corporate classes and may be contacted to teach below...

Within this web site, you will receive useful information to improve your life and benefit from over 20 years of Aimee’s professional experience.

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